Outstaffing: what it is, pros and cons of IT outstaffing?
What is network administration?

IT outsourcing is the transfer to a third-party service provider of all or part of the organization's information services. This is the most popular type of outsourcing in the world. It is divided into functional outsourcing, when a set of IT services is outsourced to a third party organization, and resource outsourcing, when specialists from the contractor's staff are "rented" for IT infrastructure maintenance.

The main reasons why customers turn to this service:

  • The need to attract specialists with the right IT expertise
  • The desire to reduce costs and improve key financial indicators
  • The need to implement advanced management technologies based on IT services

Advantages of using IT outsourcing:

The ability for an organization to focus on management of its core business activities

  • Minimization of the risks of disruptions in the IT infrastructure
  • Increased quality and availability of IT services through the engagement of highly professional specialists
  • Quick and inexpensive implementation of new IT technologies
  • Optimization of costs and more flexible IT budget management

Functional IT Outsourcing

Management of personal workstations (PWB)

This service provides support for the client company employees' workstations (PCs, notebooks) and installed software to ensure their uninterrupted operation.

I.T. engineers perform preventive measures to reduce the probability of failures, and if necessary, perform urgent repairs and replacement of components. If it is not possible to return the faulty equipment quickly, the customer is provided with the replacement equipment for the time of repair. To ensure the prompt repair, ITE organizes a replacement fund, which can be located either at the company's premises or at the customer's.

As part of this service, IT engineers put new equipment into operation, configure and update software, connect workstations to the network infrastructure, including printers and PBXs. If necessary, assistance is provided in relocating and reconnecting the equipment. The advantages of this service for the customer are budget transparency and cost savings, the ability to predict their financial costs for equipment maintenance, increased speed and quality of service, as well as the ability to introduce uniform company-wide standards for user service.

Connecting workplaces

If a company opens a new office or sales area, IT is ready to help them and quickly put the necessary equipment into operation. The service includes unpacking, arranging and connecting automated workstations (PCs, laptops), employees' phones, printers and scanners according to the plan approved by the customer. If necessary, this list can be supplemented by cash registers, network equipment, Wi-Fi access points, etc.

IT engineers will install a basic set of software on the user's computer, as a rule, it includes the operating system and office suite. The advantage of using this service for the customer is the rapid deployment of all necessary equipment without expanding the staff of IT specialists.

Comprehensive support of corporate data networks

For the company to perform business processes its information flows must be properly organized. Today it is impossible without an effective network infrastructure and (IP) telephony. IT Company is ready to undertake technical support and maintenance of corporate data network (KSPD). This service includes performing tasks of any level of complexity.

To reduce the risks of failures and reduce the response time to incidents, IT specialists constantly monitor the performance of network equipment (switches, routers, PBX, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc.). This procedure can be carried out both remotely and at the customer's site.

The service assumes repair of failed devices, and if it is impossible, adjustment of the equipment that came for replacement, ensuring that the used software is up-to-date. All work is carried out strictly in accordance with the security policies adopted by the customer. The advantage of this service is the reduction of cost to support the operational capability of the KSPD. Analysis of network operation allows you to see clearly the ways of its further development and optimization, as well as to strictly control the level of services provided by outsourcer.

Support of printing and copying services

Working with paper documentation is an integral part of modern business processes, and all printing, copying and scanning equipment in the company requires adequate service to perform it properly.

The service includes support for the entire fleet of office equipment. IT specialists inspect the equipment, check its completeness and correct connection. To ensure the stable operation of the equipment, preventive maintenance, replacement of resource parts and consumables are carried out on a regular basis. All this is done in strict accordance with the regulations established by the manufacturers.

In case of a serious breakdown, when replacement of components is required, the repair is made in the service center, and the customer is provided with the similar equipment in the hot-swap mode. I.T. engineers recommend using analytical software which allows keeping statistics of office equipment operation. A thorough study of the results obtained can significantly reduce printing costs. Using this service allows the company to optimize their costs, reduce risks of office equipment downtime and increase its service life. The customer can choose from several cooperation options, for example, when the cost of the service is determined only by the number of printed sheets.

Moves and relocations

This service is in demand when a company is going to start work in a new office, consolidate various departments in one building or move departments within the occupied premises. Despite the seeming simplicity of the task, its solution involves a lot of nuances, ignoring which will lead to unplanned downtime.

The provision of this service starts with the development of methods of moving, creating its schedule and plans for the placement of equipment: current and future, after which an inventory of equipment is made. If necessary, IT specialists are ready to provide backups of all data stored in the customer's information system to avoid loss.

Immediately before the move is done, the equipment is properly disconnected and thoroughly packed for maximum safety during relocation.

In winter we can transport equipment in heated vehicles which ensures quick startup of the equipment at a new location. Upon arrival at the place of destination the equipment is unpacked, installed and checked for proper functioning. The entire relocation process is controlled by the IT staff and HTU of the customer. After that IT is ready to provide specialists who help users to get accustomed to a new place.

The advantage of this service is to minimize the risks of downtime, there is no need to work out the process of relocation by transferring the performance of all tasks (coordination, stages, timing, transportation, insurance, etc.) to a single contractor who will do all the work strictly according to the signed agreement.

IT infrastructure audit

In an ideal situation, the organization knows exactly which components make up its IT infrastructure, and how they interact with each other. But in practice this is not always the case, and the reasons may be different. For example, in the process of development, the company acquired branches with legacy infrastructure, operational documentation was not properly maintained, and the gradual rotation of the IT staff has led to a loss of some knowledge.

If a company faces the task of significant modernization of its IT solutions, in particular, if it wants to centralize the work of information services, it needs to have an accurate picture of its IT landscape. In this case, it is necessary to audit the IT infrastructure. At the initial stage there is the collection of all initial data is gathered. Based on the results of the analysis of the information obtained, documents are prepared, in which the entire IT infrastructure is described in detail, and detailed charts of interaction of all its components are provided. If requested by the customer, this document can be prepared in full accordance with the national standards adopted in Russia.

Based on the prepared documentation, ITT specialists identify existing bottlenecks in the IT infrastructure, and the customer receives recommendations for its further development and improvement of efficiency.

Availability of current and accurate information about the current state of the company's IT infrastructure allows the company to reduce the risk of downtime and competently assess the need for modernization. Also, a comprehensive and clear picture of the IT landscape provides an opportunity to correctly assess the funds required for the development of information services.

Restoring performance after failures

As you know, everything that can break down - breaks down. Therefore, it is reckless to hope that there will never be failures in the IT-infrastructure, at least, it is necessary to be prepared for such situations. Buying the service of serviceability restoration after failures, the customer actually gets a guarantee that the operability of his hardware and software, lost as a result of defects, deliberate damage and so on, will be restored in the terms specified in the contract. IT Company accepts for servicing both guarantee and postguarantee equipment, if the fault cannot be eliminated by consultation over the phone, the engineers leave on the territory of the customer to perform diagnostics.

The service includes restoration of IT services by replacing and repairing the broken equipment, updating the software, correcting incorrect settings to make it easier for the customer to solve problems, IT specialists are ready to undertake the necessary interaction with the service providers, such as Internet service providers, equipment manufacturers and software. The advantage of this service for the customer is that he has a contractor who will undertake the whole range of work related to the restoration of his IT infrastructure functioning, and all work is guaranteed to be performed on time, as prescribed in the contract.

Routine maintenance

Troubles, including failures in the work of the IT-infrastructure, are easier and cheaper to prevent than to correct. And that is precisely the purpose of this service.

It is based on preventive work on the equipment, which is carried out in strict accordance with the regulations of manufacturers. IT specialists study the logs (logs) of the devices, conduct functional diagnostics, clean equipment from dust and dirt. At the same time they measure the temperature and humidity in the rooms to make sure they fit into the restored norms for operation.

The service also includes software updates, subject to the availability of fresh versions from the developers. At the customer's request, all activities can be performed outside of business hours.

Upon completion of the work, IT engineers prepare a report detailing what has been done, what problems have been identified and recommendations for fixing them are given.

The advantage of this service is that when it is provided, all routine work is carried out strictly in accordance with the established schedule. This means that due to the set of measures carried out by IT engineers the probability of IT infrastructure failures is reduced. Availability of a detailed report on the completion of work allows you to immediately proceed to the removal of the detected faults.

Engineering infrastructure support

The service includes maintenance and repair of the following systems: climate control, fire protection, security systems, video surveillance, power supply and backup power.

The main part of this service is routine maintenance. According to the schedule recommended by equipment manufacturers, IT specialists perform necessary works, in particular, cleaning of equipment from dust and impurities, test diagnostics. At the end of them the customer receives a detailed report. The service also includes breakdown recovery after failures and within the terms specified in the contract, it will repair or replace the defective equipment.

The advantage of this service is that as a result of regular preventive maintenance, the probability of failure of the customer's engineering equipment is reduced. Availability of a single contractor represented by IT allows you to service equipment throughout the company according to the same standards with a fixed fee.

Comprehensive support of IT infrastructure of the enterprise / data center

This service is an embodiment of functional IT outsourcing and a set of all the services described above. Comprehensive approach to IT infrastructure support significantly reduces the risks of downtime of any of the information services implemented in the company (for example, Internet access, telephony, printing and so on). Ability to administer the entire set of working IT solutions allows engineers to find better performance of both individual components and the entire IT-infrastructure as a whole.

An important part of this service is to monitor the performance of information systems, which is usually done remotely. IT specialists keep track of all malfunctions in the IT infrastructure and, without waiting for a signal from the customer, they proceed to fix them. Thus, many incidents are eliminated before the owner of the IT infrastructure becomes aware of them. At the same time, information about such failures is necessarily recorded in the event log, where, if necessary, it can be viewed by interested customer employees.

In the case of notable failures, the IT company promptly organizes the headquarters, which carries out the emergency recovery work. Depending on the conditions stipulated in the SLA - Service Level Agreement, Full return of the IT infrastructure serviceability can be carried out within a predetermined period, which in most cases does not exceed 4 hours.

To minimize the risks of accidents and downtime engineers of IT companies carry out regular scheduled maintenance of IT infrastructure of the customer. These works are carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment and on. The service package also includes administration of all IT infrastructure components, including virtualization systems. In addition, as a part of user support, IT specialists provide consultations on operation of hardware and software solutions used.

Choice of comprehensive support of IT infrastructure allows the customer to take full advantage of technical capabilities and high skills of IT specialists. This helps to reduce costs for maintenance of information systems and greatly simplifies the management of the process, since it is easier to work with a single company than to set tasks for a group of your own specialists. In addition, the presence of a signed contract on the level of service provided and the foreseen in the case of its violation determines a much more responsible approach on the part of the executor, than what can be expected from the internal IT team.

Outsourcing of Service Desk services

It is not enough to have a staff of (external or internal) specialists to effectively maintain the it infrastructure. You need a well-functioning system of reception, distribution of requests and control over their execution, and these are the tasks that are solved by this service.

To contact the support service, employees can use a single phone number, email or web form on the website/corporate portal. Regardless of the communication channel, all requests go to the unified dispatch center, where they are first registered. The next step is classification according to the type of request, subject area, urgency and importance. After that, a specific executor is assigned. The author of the request is given its number, the name of the specialist who will close it, and the deadline (in accordance with the regulations adopted by the company). Authorized customer representative has online access to the service desk system, where he can see all the information about the work on the requests: their numbers, statuses, assigned specialists, time spent, and so on.

The advantage of the service is that it allows you to bring order to the servicing of user requests: to centralize their collection and streamline the distribution of tasks. In this situation it becomes possible to control the workload of the IT staff and have clear statistics on all requests.

Outsourcing of support engineers

Companies often understand the necessity of maintaining their own IT infrastructure but don't want to increase the staff of their IT departments for the sake of it. Moreover, even a desire to hire one more employee faces a shortage of them on the market, the company experiences "staff shortage", while the important task remains unresolved. In this situation, IT offers the service of outsourcing the engineering staff.

First of all, the customer should decide on the areas for which additional specialists are needed. This may be support for workstations, network and server maintenance, telephony, DBMS, business applications, and so on. After that, he formulates the requirements that need to meet its employees. Based on these requirements, the IT company forms a pool of candidates, and those who pass the interview with the customer's representatives start working.

As a result, the company receives specially selected professionals with all the necessary expertise. In this case, these people are not included in the customer's staff, they are employees of the IT company, which keeps their personnel and accounting records.

The work of the outsourced engineers is strictly defined by the conditions of the contract signed with the client, they are obliged to follow the KPIs set for them. If any of the specialists ceases to meet the customer's requirements, IT immediately provides them with a replacement.

The advantage of this service is that it allows the company to quickly obtain the missing IT competences and pay only for the services it requires. The company will greatly increase its flexibility in working with personnel: it is always easier to manage one contract with a contractor than several in-house employees.

The advantage of working with OutsourceIT

Developed service infrastructure

OutsourceIT is a systems integrator with a unique system of service delivery point all of its branches are staffed with the necessary specialists and equipped with modern means of communication, which allows the company to involve any specialists, no matter where they are located, to implement projects.

Technology of project management

OutsourceIT Group outsourcing processes comply with the requirements of industry and international standards, in particular ITIL methodologies, SMM standard and ISO group.

Selection and training of specialists

Having OutsourceIT's own staff training base allows us to quickly and with high quality prepare specialists with the required level of expertise for our customers in any region.

Outsourcing from a single source

OutsourceIT's unique expertise allows it to offer customers not only individual services through outsourcing narrow, niche functions, but also comprehensive projects that combine various types of outsourcing services from a single source.


Extensive experience in outsourcing projects, staff of highly qualified professionals certified by leading global software and hardware manufacturers and trained in specialized programs in the field of services and outsourcing

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